Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My new purse. aka I'm in love!

Trust me, it looks so much more lovely in person. It has a soft, worn-leather look without being leather. Vegetarianism FTW! It was a great price at Target, and it wasn't too "trendy" or too "Palm Beach Retirement Home" or too "Real Housewives of _____," which are categories that I think purses often fall under. I think it's pretty multi-seasonal, and I'm hoping it'll last me for at least a year--it would definitely fit in with my fall/winter wardrobe! It has tons of room in it, and the pockets inside are great for my cellphone and my makeup for touch-ups (a NARS compact for the mirror, and and lipstick/lipgloss I'm wearing that day), and it comes with the requisite "secret" zippered compartment for whatever you fancy.

All in all, lovely!

Update on all the MAC drama: the To The Beach collection went online (but not set up formally) at about 5:30pm EST yesterday, and Marine Life powder was sold out in two hours. Holy evilbay, Batman!* I can't wait to go to my pre-ordered MAC items from my lovely MUAs (makeup artists) and gossip about the upcoming collections. I love my counter! They know my likes, and they know I'm pretty much a guaranteed sale, so they treat me well.

But I'm off to Sephora tomorrow to do some NARS hauling, and maybe some MUFE or other brands as well. I'm fairly set on buying NARS's Habanera duo if it looks good on me, and I'm definitely getting a blush or two (yeah, I'm kind of a blush freak. What can I say? I love 'em!).

*evilbay is what my fellow Specktra-ites and I call ebay, where greedy people buy up limited edition/hyped up items in bulk from the MAC stores/website and turn around and sell them for 3x the normal price on evilbay, leaving any real MAC shoppers in the dust and with empty wallets if they break down and buy said overpriced item.

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