Saturday, July 31, 2010

MUFE HD foundation: Initial thoughts

Finally made it out to Sephora again (only twice this summer!), this time determined to exit with a foundation. I had previously looked at NARS Sheer Glow & MUFE HD foundation, but I didn't really go in determined to get my exact color match. Today I did.

It was a Saturday afternoon, so I wasn't really expecting amazing, devoted attention, but I was still able to get a SA to help me get matched. I ended up getting matched to MUFE HD in 115 (a foundation with some pink undertones--which oddly looked amazing!) and NARS Sheer Glow in Deauville, but I went with the HD for more coverage, a pump, and a slightly better price. I can't do a full review right now, but I can say that the formula is awesome and it gives a great, natural finish (by no means matte, but definitely not a shiny or overly-glowy finish). I was surprised at how pretty my skin looked with a pink-toned foundation on. I've always avoided anything pink-toned like the plague because I think of sunburned skin or breakouts, but the pink just makes me look fresh. Anything yellow-y made me look sallow and sick. Topped with my MAC MSFN and paired with some concealers, I'll have one hell of a fresh face!

Now I just have to find a great red lipstick--hard feat, I know. I'm currently using MAC Viva Glam Cyndi lipstick almost everyday to give my pigmented lips that just-bitten red look, but I want something more matte and retro, yet not as dark as my Revlon In The Red matte lipstick. I'll definitely be hitting up Christine/Temptalia's Scarlet Season series for that!

My hair was not cooperating today, though. I still do a side part when I do my victory rolls and the larger side usually cooperates and rolls with little effort, but today it decided to be a bitch and not roll correctly. Oh well! At least I have an arsenal of hairspray and bobby pins to beat it into submission. My little sisters (okay, not really little--15 and 17) are wanting their hair colored now, so I'm doing one's highlights (done it lots of times before) and the other one wants to try some red-tones (which I've also done on myself in the past... thank goodness I stopped), so I've been really hitting up MakeupAlley to try to find great recommendations. What would I do without it?!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Long time, no blog!

So sorry for my absence! I've been buying loads, but not sharing anything. How greedy of me!

I've been rediscovering my style roots in a whole new light. I finally saw Whip It!, a roller-derby movie, and it reminded me of my more punk-inspired days. I've been really missing it lately, but I've been more drawn to the psychobilly/pin-up side of it than the *quite embarrassing* emo/scene image I've done in the past. It's much more girly, a whole lot sexier, but is still classy and fun.

Red lips, black winged liner, and victory rolls galore--here I come!

This discovery could not be more well-timed. I've realized that my makeup purchases have completely overwhelmed my spending-money, leaving me with very, very little new fashionable choices in my wardrobe. Now that summer's half-over for a college kid like me, it's time to start thinking of how this year will be defined for me, and that starts with a new outlook. I'm a recent horror movie fanatic, and I've found a style that I feel so comfortable in.

Hello, new Erin!

On the makeup/beauty side of things, I've really gone wild over MAC's In The Groove collection. I got a hold of the ever-coveted Stereo Rose, but I think the true under-appreciated beauty comes from By Candlelight MSF. It gives me the *perfect* glow-y cheeks and looks especially lovely over Pink Swoon or Hipness blush (both by MAC). I've also been introduced to my new loves, MAC's Cremesheen glasses. I know I'm late to the party, but these things are so gorgeous! Creamy, smooth, non-sticky and non-frosty, these beauties are more-than-welcome additions to my makeup arsenal. I picked up the LE Going Casual from the ITG collection, which is a mid-tone lilac-pink that gives my pigmented lips a slightly-cool pink look that is absolutely divine. I just recently got Partial to Pink from the permanent line, which is a light yellow-pink that gives a warmer, yet still light and girly, effect than Going Casual. I'm a Cremesheen glass addict!

In other beauty news, I've fallen head-over-heels for Benefit's Crescent Row fragrances. I have "My Place or Yours Gina," a sexy nighttime scent that makes my inner vixen squirm in delight, as well as one new member of the block, "Garden of Good and Eva," a fresh-cut-grass-and-lush-garden scent that is so crisp and light. I feel like I could fly over the trees when I wear it, I'm feeling that free-spirited! Definitely a daytime staple for me. Plus, Benefit's packaging is SO adorable! Cocktail-mixer containers for the perfume (how vintage-chic!) which sits in a box that represents the girl's room on the Row.