Thursday, May 27, 2010

MAC To The Beach haul

Finally! The day arrives.

All of the drama surrounding Marine Life highlighting powder almost drove me to not get the product. It was sold out so quickly and it's up for insane amounts on evilbay, and people on Specktra are (reasonably) freaking out. But as soon as I swatched it at my counter, I knew that I had to get it because it's nothing like anything else I own, and it'll last me forever (literally). It's a gorgeous coral-red, swatches of which are littering the interwebs, so I'll forgoe any personal swatches (I personally recommend Temptalia's comparison swatches to see it compared to Hipness, Instant Chic, NARS' Deep Throat and Super Orgasm, Dainty, and many other coral-y shades). I got that and Hipness blush, which is much more pink.

It's my mom's birthday today (yay!) and a few weeks ago it was my parents' 20th wedding anniversary, so she's going out tonight to dinner with my dad. I convinced her that her 20+ year old Clinique blush was a little too old (hell, it's older than ME!), and we released ourselves at the Belk makeup counters to find a better blush after mnuch insistence on my part (I find Clinique blushes powdery and extremely under-pigmented). She ended up deciding on Bobbi Brown powder blush in Sand Pink, though she was looking at MAC's Breezy and Desert Rose as alternatives. She was set on finding a cool, mauve tone and she did. Part of her birthday gift from me is doing her makeup for tonight and being their DD to and from the restaurant.

Hope everyone is enjoying their hauls!

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