Saturday, May 22, 2010

About this bloggity

Hey blogverse! Erin here, a 19 year old makeup fanatic with a passionate marriage to MAC makeup but cheats with her favorite drugstore products on the side. Third-person aside, I'm a college student majoring in international studies and I spend all of my extra cash on beauty products. I figure that I may as well add my voice to the cacophony of makeup blogs, so I brought this to you! You may know me as aeroerin on free to leave a comment with your Specktra name if you found me through there!

Okay, I will start off with a confession.

My name is Erin, and I am a sucker for all things coral.

If it's described in any way as a coral, I need it, and I needed it yesterday.

Yeah, if you didn't get it though my blog title's homage to the lovely color, or my "Coral Queen" usertitle on Specktra, I'm obsessed. Coral to me is a perfect marriage between pink and orange-peach, a warm shade that is both a flush and a warmth. It's one of my favorite colors and, if it's in lip or cheek product form, I have to smack myself multiple times to avoid buying it on the spot. Here's a look into my brain:

Coral-obsessed (CO): "OH, look at that pretty coral lipstick/lipgloss/lipliner/blush/highlighter!"
Money-mindful (MM): "No, Erin! You have so many identical shades in your collection already! Remember your Pret-a-Papier haul? ALL CORAL. The items on your Future-MAC-collections list? All coral. Permanent products that make you drool? ALL CORAL. STFU and try a different color for once!"
CO: "But, coral is so perfect for me! It's not cool, but it's not too orange, either. It's foolproof, especially with that pretty dark brown color our hair has been for the past few years and our pretty blue eyes and our pale-without-being-stark skin and--"
MM: "How about our WALLET?! Don't you have to save up for other things, like your future apartment so you don't have to live at home during school breaks?"
CO: "Well, yeah, but this is only $___!"
MM: "That's what you say ALL the time!"
CO: "Because it's true! It's not like we're buying Cle de Peau. It's ____ (enter sensibly priced, yet decent quality brand here)!
MM: "FINE, get it. But don't come crying to ME when you're sick of our family again!"

... yeah, it's that crazy. And it's just that bad.

My name is Erin, and I'm coral obsessed.

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