Sunday, December 5, 2010


My life has changed drastically since I last posted.  Though I wear makeup each and everyday, I have found a set number of products that work for me.  Essentially, I have downgraded.  I wear liquid black eyeliner, black mascara, my face powder, and maybe blush or some eyeshadow.  Very low-maintenance.  I've just shifted focus toward my studies, as I really want to stay on track for going to grad school for library science.

Thus, my blog will no longer be the makeup/beauty focused blog of the past.  Instead, I'll write about whatever the hell I want, like it or not.  If I need an outlet, this'll be it.

I hope that whoever is reading this is not disappointed.  Maybe I'll still share an occasional purchase, but for now this diva is out of the building.  Welcome to me, uncensored.

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