Saturday, July 31, 2010

MUFE HD foundation: Initial thoughts

Finally made it out to Sephora again (only twice this summer!), this time determined to exit with a foundation. I had previously looked at NARS Sheer Glow & MUFE HD foundation, but I didn't really go in determined to get my exact color match. Today I did.

It was a Saturday afternoon, so I wasn't really expecting amazing, devoted attention, but I was still able to get a SA to help me get matched. I ended up getting matched to MUFE HD in 115 (a foundation with some pink undertones--which oddly looked amazing!) and NARS Sheer Glow in Deauville, but I went with the HD for more coverage, a pump, and a slightly better price. I can't do a full review right now, but I can say that the formula is awesome and it gives a great, natural finish (by no means matte, but definitely not a shiny or overly-glowy finish). I was surprised at how pretty my skin looked with a pink-toned foundation on. I've always avoided anything pink-toned like the plague because I think of sunburned skin or breakouts, but the pink just makes me look fresh. Anything yellow-y made me look sallow and sick. Topped with my MAC MSFN and paired with some concealers, I'll have one hell of a fresh face!

Now I just have to find a great red lipstick--hard feat, I know. I'm currently using MAC Viva Glam Cyndi lipstick almost everyday to give my pigmented lips that just-bitten red look, but I want something more matte and retro, yet not as dark as my Revlon In The Red matte lipstick. I'll definitely be hitting up Christine/Temptalia's Scarlet Season series for that!

My hair was not cooperating today, though. I still do a side part when I do my victory rolls and the larger side usually cooperates and rolls with little effort, but today it decided to be a bitch and not roll correctly. Oh well! At least I have an arsenal of hairspray and bobby pins to beat it into submission. My little sisters (okay, not really little--15 and 17) are wanting their hair colored now, so I'm doing one's highlights (done it lots of times before) and the other one wants to try some red-tones (which I've also done on myself in the past... thank goodness I stopped), so I've been really hitting up MakeupAlley to try to find great recommendations. What would I do without it?!

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