Friday, June 11, 2010

Skin blues. :(

Yeah, my skin is dying a slow, red-spotted death.

I thought my skin was improving, but every morning I'm waking up to new breakouts. Luckily I have a great concealing routine down (Revlon Age Defying Moisturizing concealer and MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural, both in Light-Medium), but it still has those terrible bumps in the texture and my flake-prone skin to give their position away. Booo!

But I've never stopped looking at all of that makeup! I've been doing it from my chair (... or bed... or couch...) and one brand I've been interested in for a long time has been Josie Maran. A former model (of Maybelline fame), Josie searched for luxurious, yet eco-friendly cosmetics across the business of makeup and came up empty-handed. So what's a industry-savvy girl to do? Start her own line!

I admit, the first word that drew me in describing her company was Argan oil. I use Moroccan Oil on my hair after every shower, and the effect is incredible. My hair is insanely shiny and a lot more healthy. I find that my demi-permanent color holds longer, too. So anything with the word argan in it draws me in like a moth to a flame, or at least a girl to the cosmetics counter. I believe Olivia Wilde said she used Josie Maran's Finger Paints quads when she was on the cover of Lucky magazine. I really want to see if 100% Argan oil will help out my skin (I wouldn't dream of putting Moroccan Oil on my skin--argan oil is the 6th ingredient on the list of many). The only drawback is the price--but Sephora does offer a small, 0.5oz bottle of her argan oil for $14, which is still hard for me to do because I know a lot of *full-sized* things I could buy with that money. Ah, well!

Till next haul, stay fresh & gorgeous!

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